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What Causes Thin Lips?

Thin lips are caused by a variety of factors. Genetics plays a huge role in lip appearance, and some women are simply born with extremely thin lips. An equally important factor in lip appearance is the natural aging process; like all facial features, lips tend to lose elasticity and collagen as a woman ages. This results in lips that tend to droop a bit and are no longer as full and pouty as they once may have been during the prime of their youth.

Furthermore, unprotected exposure to harmful UV sunlight rays and harsh winds can speed up the aging process, thereby resulting in thinner than ideal lips.

Most Effective Ingredients:

Lip Plumpers: What Are the Most Effective Ones?

Lip plumpers use a multi-faced approach to combating thin lips and creating beautiful, full lips. While lip plumpers obviously cannot alter an individual’s genetic makeup, lip plumpers can help protect lips against environmental stressors (like wind) while temporarily increasing overall lip fullness. In order to protect lips against wind and other drying elements, a good lip plump should include moisturizers like Jojoba oil, vitamin E, or hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid may also be capable of stimulating cell regeneration. Peptides should also be used in an effective lip plumper’s formula, for peptides also participate in regulating and boosting collagen production.

While the plumping caused by moisturizers and peptides typically is not instantaneous, lip plumpers also make use of mild irritants in order to create instantly full, pouty lips. Such irritants typically cause a mild tingly sensation in lips; this is a result of increased blood flow to the lips, which subsequently causes lips to appear fuller and more colored than before. Some lip plumpers also utilize microspheres that swell when they absorb water, further increasing the fullness of lips.

How to Apply a Lip Plumper?

While lip plumpers are fully capable of creating large, smooth, full lips, these topical cosmetic treatments do not create permanent results. Instead, the visible effects of lip plumpers typically last for at least several hours. Because of this, lip plumpers should be applied a few times through the day for optimal results.

Lip plumpers can be used in place of common lip balms or beneath lipstick applications if desired.

In addition to regularly applying a good lip plumper, women should also be careful to drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day in order to stay properly hydrated. Other recommendations for creating full, beautiful lips include the following: avoid licking lips, avoid high exposure to heavy winds, and make sure to eat a diet that includes a good source of vitamin B2.

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