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Is Yoga an Effective Treatment For Arthritis?

Everyone suffers from some sort of ailment in life and there are all sorts of treatments which are on offer for the condition which they are afflicted with. Arthritis is no different. It is a condition which affects many people and it is one which is often not differentiated by age: with patients across the age spectrum being diagnosed with it.

Arthritis is a condition whose primary symptoms are inflamed and damaged joints which can cause severe discomfort when bones rub against each other. Furthermore, it can be caused by a bad diet as often these foods contain chemicals and toxins which can damage the cartilage of joints through infection and invasion. Being obese can place extra pressure on joints and cause them to become less supple.


Treatment For Arthritis

Yoga has long been well-renowned as something which can have great benefits. Many people practice the activity all over the world and it has become very popular. This is perhaps unsurprising as it can have quite a lot of positive effects on the body. Firstly, it is not the most strenuous activity and it does not harm the body like more heavier pursuits may do.

However, despite this gentle nature of the activity, it does certainly improve your fitness. It can be categorized as a cardiovascular activity which increases endurance and improves the strength of all of your muscles. Furthermore, perhaps most importantly, it improves fitness and enhances the quality of an individual’s everyday life due to the endorphins that are released from it.

Yoga and Arthritis

Yoga can be a very effective treatment for Arthritis for so many reasons. The first is that it is very low stress on the body. Arthritis can cause an individual to put on weight quite quickly in a fairly short duration and thus render them less able to undertake exercise as Arthritis can severely impede someone’s ability to exercise because of the pain that it causes.

Furthermore, yoga burns quite a lot of calories and it is fairly easy to perform, with limited stress on mind and body. Activities which are of a cardiovascular nature are deemed as the ones which are most conducive to helping people with Arthritis recover.

Arthritis can affect someone’s level of fitness as they cannot take part in the normal amount of exercise that they normally would. Yoga gives someone an all-around workout and really strengthens all areas of your body, particularly your core.

However, the one thing which Arthritis damages the most is the muscles, as they are weakened by the disease and lose all their structure. The collagen which binds muscles together becomes deflated over the time and causes muscles to break down.

Yoga helps to alleviate this and build muscles back up again, without placing too much strain on the body. This is the main advantage that yoga offers: the ability to build the body back up without actually causing too much discomfort, which other more intense forms of exercise like gym workouts do.

As previously mentioned, yoga for weight loss it is a very effective tool for helping patients. People who have a greater proportion of fat and an increased body weight are more susceptible to the effects of Arthritis.

It burns a lot of calories in a short duration but it is not particularly stressful. This means that someone who has Arthritis can take part in yoga on a fairly regular basis for a reasonable amount of time for each session. This has the implication that the health benefits of it are multiplied and that they can feel the full force of it.

Furthermore, yoga is suitable for all people of all ages and physiques. It is just about adapting the activity of yoga to suit the patient’s needs.


Essentially, yoga can be a great treatment for someone who has Arthritis. It has a plethora of health benefits for a patient of any age who has the disease as it is not very harmful and burns quite a lot of calories whilst improving the structure of muscles at the same time.

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