Getting a New Weight Training Regime – Strike the Right Balance

Grace Lopez

Human beings are largely driven by habits and routines. They flourish and work best when they have a routine to stick to. If they enjoy what is working, why try to fix it? That is how many people think. However, this isn’t always the best approach when it comes to working out. Your body is quick to understand the routine that you are engaging in, and as a result your progress can slow. If this has happened to you, it might be time to shake up your weight training so that you can see some great new results.

Getting a New Weight Training RegimeWhen you are trying to shake up your weight training, it is important that you are careful to engage in different kinds of exercise. Because different motions, performed at different angles and in different ways, will have different kinds of impacts. When you work on exercise machines as in doing circuit training, your body is being worked in specific ways, meaning one muscle group at a time. But adding free weights to your training can help you work other sets of muscles at the same time. Develop a program of different kinds of exercises so that you can work different parts of your body.

One good way to shake up your exercise training is to change the order of exercises that you do. When you are in the habit of working out by doing large muscle group first, you can try to do some movements on the feeder muscles first instead. When these are exhausted, then it forces your major muscles to do more work on each press. This can be a dangerous technique if it is not done effectively. Having someone spot you is always a good idea, and remember not to jump into any new and intense movements too soon or before you are ready. This is how injury happens.

Another good way to break through any weight training plateau you might be facing is to simply slow down with your lifting process. Lifting slower is a great way to shake up your exercise training. Many people are prone to lift too much weight, more than they can handle. What you can do is reduce the weight slightly, just slightly, and then do the same movement as slow as possible. It can work if you have something like then counts of lifting and four counts of lowering. This precise range of motion will up the amount of tension on all your muscles.

There are other ways to shake up your exercise training too. One of these is called breakdown training. You can lift one muscle group until exhaustion, at which point you can lighten the weight load and do just a few more lifts with a lighter weight. Organizing your workouts into different periods that you can categorize and change up will also help. Finally, remember to rest. Your muscles build in the period of rest between workouts.

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