Best Eyelash Enhancers

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Beautiful eyelashes can be a women’s most effortless enhancer of natural beauty. These lovely features frame the eyes, which are often referred to as “the windows of the soul.” However, for some women, naturally long and thick eyelashes simply don’t seem to exist, and no amount of using eyelash curlers and promising mascaras seems to be able to create those coveted lashes.

At the same time, some women who once enjoyed long, curly, thick lashes find that their eyelashes are significantly thinner and sparser than in their younger years. For both of these cases, eyelash enhancers can actually provide the perfect solution.

What Are the Best Eyelash Enhancers?

While many mascaras and other cosmetic eye products may cause eyelashes to become dry and brittle, eyelash enhancers are specially formulated to nourish and protect lashes against further damage.

In addition to this, eyelash enhancers include compounds that can help stimulate eyelash growth, greatly increasing the possibility of growing naturally long and thick eyelashes.

For eyelashes that are already damaged and brittle, eyelash enhancers can also help restore these lashes back to their original health and beauty.

An ideal eyelash enhancer will stimulate hair follicles to produce long eyelashes. At the same time, these products should condition eyelashes in order to combat possible brittleness that can result in premature breakage of lashes.

Certain ingredients have been indicated to restore and improve eyelash health better than others, and a promising eyelash enhancer should have at least several of these compounds in its product formula.

Glycoproteins are necessary for stimulating hair follicle growth while hyaluronic acid should be included because of its potent conditioning abilities. Adding pro vitamin B5 to an eyelash enhancer’s formula helps the product to protect and strengthen eyelashes against further damage from less beneficial cosmetic products.

In addition to investing in a quality eyelash enhancer, other small beauty-routine changes can also help promote the growth and maintenance of strong, thick, long eyelashes. A diet that includes milk and fish has been indicated to enhance eyelash growth; at the same time, staying properly hydrated is crucial for maintaining well nourished and conditioned lashes.

Avoiding cheaply formulated mascaras will also improve overall eyelash health, and using an eyelash curler should be avoided since doing so increases the risk of eyelash breakage.

These simple changes coupled with an eyelash enhancer can help any women achieve her dream lashes. Of course, using eyelash enhancers will not instantly result in stronger, longer eyelashes; these products typically take anywhere from three to five weeks before they begin to produce visibly noticeable results. Until that time, they are simply providing nutrients and moisture to already present eyelashes.

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