Exercise Timing – How to Work in a Work Out?

Grace Lopez

In the chaos of the modern world, finding time to exercise can be a big challenge. People have days filled with work, school, family and beyond, leaving very little time to take care of the body. Nevertheless, exercise is an important part of living healthy, and it is one of the only ways that a person can lose weight. If you have been struggling to work in the time for exercising in your own life, the tips below may help you see what you can do.

Use Your Free Time

Exercise TimingYou may think you have no free time at all, but there has to be some point in the day that you spend just sitting on the couch watching old shows or waiting to take your kids to an activity. Any spare moments you get like that could be used for exercise. You really only need a half hour of exercise a day, and you can break that up however you need to. Three 10 minute sessions can easily squeeze into your schedule, and they will help you get a better body in the end. You just have to stay focused on using your time to its full potential.


Who says you can’t exercise while you do your daily activities? Find creative ways to incorporate exercising into your other activities in a day. You can do jumping jacks while you watch TV, or you can actually play with your kids out in the park. If you do not have to commute too far to work, you can ride a bike or walk there instead of driving. This can easily give you the exercise you need, and it will help you feel better about yourself during the day. You don’t have to be at the gym to be working out.

Adjust Your Sleeping

You can always try waking up early or going to bed late if that is what it takes to make time for exercising. Morning workouts are usually ideal because they can wake you up and get your body moving for the day. You can take a shower afterward and then go about your morning routine. If you only get a chance to work out at night, that is fine too. That will allow you to work of any late night meals that you have so they do not sit in your body all night


Exercising doesn’t have to be a big blow to your schedule. You can make time to work out just as easily as you can make time to cook dinner. You just have to seize the opportunities when they present themselves. Analyze the time you actually have in the day and you should be able to find a slot that is perfect for taking care of your body.