Exercise as an Impediment To Weight Loss

Grace Lopez

It is well known by a lot of folks that what comes to losing weight is exercise. A lot of people are hitting the gym for such reasons. And just to be free from the frustration of being fat, lots of people tend to double the work thinking that they will also double the rate of weight loss.

Here comes a thought: over exercising may impede weight loss. Well the fact is, there are amounts and kinds of exercise that can lead to fat deposition instead of using up fats. So let’s delve into the different kinds of exercise so and learn more about what it can do to the body.
Exercise As An Impediment To Weight Loss

Different Forms Of Exercise

  • Aerobic Exercise

This is the kind of exercise that draws a lot of attention as it is one that is fit for improving the body’s cardiovascular system. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the heart and also good for the lungs. If aerobic exercise is done at proper conditions, it will reduce weight effectively as it increases metabolic rate that sets off your body to use up calories from stored body fat, given a stable insulin level.

There are downsides of this exercise if performed after taking too much or insufficient amount of food. It can be stressful physically and can stimulate the production of adrenal hormone which will trigger fat deposition in the body rather than to burn it.

  • Muscle building exercise

Muscle building is an intense exercise, mostly done by men hitting the gyms like weight lifting. This is one form of exercise that if done excessively, can lead the body to deposit fat. It supports the thought that over exercising may hold back weight loss.

This kind of exercise may actually make you gain more weight. It does burn fat, however, water and glycogen is retained in the muscles for repair which gives the body heavier weight.

  • Moderate Exercise

This is the most simple form of exercise that can be easily done by anyone. One example of this is walking. As simple as it could be, walking has been considered the best way to burn fat. Unlike the other forms of exercise, it cannot possibly trigger adrenal hormone production which stops the fat burning. Not only will you get weight loss, you’ll also get toned muscles as a result but not like the ones you’d get from weight training.


We have always perceived exercising as the best solution to weight loss. But as we have seen there are kinds of exercises that ironically gives you more weight. Performing exercise at improper conditions and doing it excessively will impede us to reaching that aimed weight and may give us more unwanted results. So what we can do is to be wary of the factors that can lead us into unlikable situations.

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