Common Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

Grace Lopez

Studies show that over 50% of the American population attempts a diet at least once a year. The only problem is that a good portion of those people end up giving up their weight loss goals not too long after they get started with them. Every situation is a little different, but there are some universal reasons why people struggle to lose weight. Read over this list of common reasons why diets fail so you may be able to avoid being a victim of one.

1 – Cheating

Most Diets FailEvery dieter goes through those days where they throw caution to the wind and just eat whatever they want. Some do this on a regular basis because they are supposed to be able to with their diet plan. The fact is that you cannot lose weight if you do not make an adjustment in the foods you eat, and you have to be committed to that. The more you cheat, the harder it will make it for you to resist temptations in the future. You have to think of your body image over your cravings at the time.

2 – Resistance

While most dieters want to see a change in their bodies, they don’t want to commit to seeing changes in their lifestyle. Everyone has a comfort zone that he or she likes to be in. Reaching beyond that is both scary and difficult to do. If you cannot commit to making a significant and perhaps permanent change to your habits, you will never be able to lose weight like you want to.

3 – Motivation

Far too many people lack motivation in their dieting. They may have an initial desire to lose weight, but sticking to an easting plan is too much for them to handle. There is no way around this other than to just commit to being motivated. Remind yourself of how amazing you will look and set realistic goals you want to achieve. Always keep a positive mindset, and surround yourself with images and thoughts that make you want a great body. You can join a weight loss group for additional support, and you may even motivate the people that are already there. A lack of motivation is no excuse for giving up on a diet.

4 – Cravings

You have to teach yourself to get past the cravings. The only reason you have them in the first place is because you have created a need for certain foods in your mind. There is no reason why you cannot reverse that. Remove all of the food in your home that you would naturally crave so you are not easily tempted to eat it. When you get a craving, drink a glass of water or chew sugarless gum. You may be able to do just enough for your body to forget about the food it longs for. This will help you stay on your diet.