Anger Release – It Can Kill You Left Unchecked

Grace Lopez

Anger can be hidden for years. Your friends and coworkers may know you as a gentle, even tempered person while in reality you are struggling daily to cage a wild beast. There will undoubtedly be times that that beast escapes and rages at the world, manifesting itself in verbal or even physical abuse. By burying your anger you can cause extreme amounts of stress on yourself, stress that can lead not only to depression and other mental problems but to physical conditions such as high blood pressure and cancer as well. In short, holding in your anger can literally kill you.

Anger ReleaseAnger is a natural emotion, a response to someone or something offending you or infringing upon your rights as a human. Put simply, it is a normal part of life. But those with anger management problems suffer from it, most commonly by repressing their anger until it turns to poison. Releasing anger is the best course of action, and is fairly simple to do. The process of anger release can help your bottled up, repressed rage escape in a healthy way before it causes harm to you or to your loved ones. Here are the basics of anger release.

The first step is to try to understand your anger. That person who cut you off in traffic is really only a minor annoyance – there’s likely a deeper problem at hand and you need to identify it honestly in order to have success at releasing anger. Childhood abuse, schoolyard bullies, failed relationships, all of these are some of the problems that may be the cause of your anger issues. Once you understand the source of your problem find a quiet, isolated room. Now, let it out. A primal scream is the basis for the process, but you may find yourself screaming profanities into the air along with simply screaming. Feel it – let it flow out of you. You may want to add a physical component like punching a mattress or pillow or twisting a towel.

Feeling a bit ashamed or embarrassed is natural at first, but once you realize how much better you will feel after you’ve let out your anger and rage it will become second nature. Never drown your problems with drugs or alcohol. If releasing your anger in this way doesn’t work at first, don’t be surprised. It can take several attempts to start to feel relief and you’ll likely need to do it many times over the course of your lifetime. And you might still need to seek professional help as well. Whatever course of action you take, it’s important to release your anger periodically. It could very well kill you otherwise.