Anger Management – Tips to Recognize and Control your Anger

Grace Lopez

Anger is a strong emotion that has the ability to grow and become violent. Some people are more prone to extreme levels of anger than are others. However, any anger that could eventually lead to violence should be considered serious. Intervention is available from trained experts in psychological services and usually has a very high rate of success. This article does not address anger issues that have developed to that stage but rather the anger issues that have caused less severe problems.

Anger ManagementIf anger has caused you to lose a job or relationship then it is time to start researching some methods of change in your life. It is important to realize the difference between negative emotions and negative behaviors. All emotions are ok. However, negative behaviors of those emotions are not ok. There are healthy ways of expressing and dealing with every emotion that has the potential to result in a negative behavior. For example, it is ok to be angry, but it is not ok to damage personal property in a fit of rage. You will always be held accountable for any actions you have committed, but you will never be held accountable for just having a negative emotion. It is not healthy to let those negative emotions build, but having a brief bout of anger is ok. Having a brief moment of sadness is fine. However, do not let the sadness linger and turn into depression.

Try to obtain some anger journals from the internet. Also, try writing your own and read them both to see some habits that you may share with others. Anger journals provide some great insight on what upsets a person and how they respond. You may start to recognize some patterns that you didn’t know you had. Identify what people experience when they get upset and how it relates to you. If you can recognize that you are getting angry before you do something that is unacceptable, then you can have time to make rational decisions and deal with your anger in a positive way.

Anger is a strong feeling and it takes a strong will to overcome. You always have an option to react. You have to respond before your anger takes over and you start to lose control of your actions. You can choose to shout, curse, or do something violent or mean or you can choose to do something more suitable. Imagine the results and the peace is available to you when you gain control of your emotions and make positive self improvement choices. Have a friend to talk to. They may not share the same anger issues, but they have emotions of their own that they struggle with and will be more confident in sharing with you as you work together.